Rockers Talk God: Texas Hippie Coalition


MEMPHIS – Caught up with drummer Timmy Braun and guitarist Cord Pool from metal, southern rock outfit Texas Hippie Coalition during the Memphis stop of the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Fest.

Mayhem was a boost for the Texas rockers, who release Ride On on Oct. 7.

“Every single day’s been a new adventure, meeting somebody we didn’t know,” Pool said, “making new friends, making new fans, too.”

Temperatures were scorching on the pavements of Memphis International Raceway and with schools back in session that day, crowds were small.

“We still make a point to go out there and make sure everybody got their money’s worth,” Braun said.

THC isn’t considered in any circles, a Christian project. Talked with the guys about Christianity for another segment of …

Rockers Talk God

TSR: It seems like in rock ‘n’ roll the line is not there anymore. You can be a Christian band without being labeled that. You find that the case? What’s your take on that?

TB: “Before every show, we have a little prayer circle for the whole party that tours with us, and anybody that wants to be involved. Whether you’re a believer or a non-believer, it’s kind of just a meditational, positive energy exchange between everybody, kind of get everybody on the same page before we go on.”

TSR: What does the term “Christian” mean to you?

TB: “I grew up Catholic, so someone that says they’re a Christian, it’s supposed to be to follow the ways of Christ. Unfortunately, I do believe though that some of the most Christian people I know don’t even go to church or even proclaim their faith. They’re some of the best genuine, most real people. I really do think that some people try to put their Christianity out there as an excuse to make them look like they’re good people, really they have something to hide. I think everybody’s going to have different beliefs. I think it’s really all about just treating people with respect, you know, the way you would want to be treated really. And that’s what Jesus wanted, so.”

TSR: Who is Jesus Christ?

CP: “I’m a Christian, so I just consider Him to be God, our higher maker, same thing, the Trinity. We all have different beliefs in the band. In my opinion, Christian, I don’t know what that means … I mean, I am a Christian I guess, but more of just having a relationship with, you know, just a higher maker I guess, for me.”

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