Ill Nino’s Diego Veruzco talks chafing, Wes Borland and Jesus


Talked with Ill Nino guitarist Diego Verduzco at Mayhem last week. We talked humidity, chafing and baby powder. No, really.

But we also talked about Jesus, Christianity and Wes Borland.

Limp Bizkit guitarist Boreland had this to say recently and received some backlash. He retweeted some of the backlash and clarified what he meant.

The tweet: “I’ve found that people who tell you they listen to everything generally aren’t that interested in music.”

He clarified: “Meaning that when you ask people what they listen to and they say: “Oh, you know, I like everything I guess.” that those people aren’t really big music fans. They aren’t obsessed with it. They’re happy to hear whatever happens to be on the radio.”

So I asked Verduzco his thoughts.

“I think that’s pretty accurate. When I was growing up, I found my favorite bands and I followed everything they were doing. I knew exactly where they were on what date. I knew all the B-sides on the albums. I knew where to get the demos or whatever. I feel like, just my opinion, it seems like that might be lacking these days, where fans aren’t as excited or as enthralled as maybe older generations were,” he said.

“Maybe someone says “I like everything” really doesn’t like much, or has a very vague idea of what “everything” is. I could say I like everything, because I genuinely do. I love everything from just classic rock to classical music and I love death metal, black metal and then I like jazz. I vary by emotion or what I’m up to. If I’m at the gym, I’m not playing jazz. If I’m hanging out with buddies, I might be listening to some heavier music. I’m from Santa Ana, California and hip hop and rap was big for me growing up, so I still like to listen to that stuff too. I’m very open to whatever. Myself, I may not know some of the newer things, but I try and find out and if something catches my ear, I definitely go out and check out what it is.”

Rockers Talk God

TSR: How do you define Christianity?

Diego: “I grew up Catholic. I’m Mexican, so we grew up Catholic. So, I went to a Catholic High School, so to me Christianity would be just a belief in Christ as the Savior. That would be my own opinion as to what it is.”

TSR: Who is Jesus?

Diego: “The Son of God, our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.”

TSR: Jesus likes rock ‘n’ roll, right?

Diego: “He’s got to. Hey, if we’re made in God’s image, He’s got to have a sense of humor. He’s got to love rock ‘n’ roll. He shreds on that guitar and wails on the drums. I’m sure.”

Here’s is the full video of my chat with Diego.

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