Volbeat goes Wild West metal on new disc


No idea how Michael Poulsen reaches the depths of his throaty vocals, but trying to find out is well worth the $11.99 you’ll pay at Best Buy for Volbeat’s new 14-song disc, “Outlaw Gentlemen and Shady Ladies.”

You’ve heard “Dead But Rising” and “The Hangman’s Body Count” and the rest are just as energetic, loud and fun.

From the harmonic intro through the groovy “Pearl Hart,” into rock n roll drive tunes “Dead But Rising” and “Hangman’s,” it’s nonstop goodness.

Not one song can’t be a single, including songful “”Cape Of Our Hero” and heavy “Room 24,” featuring King Diamond.

“Lola Montez” is a near punk love anthem, before “Black Bart” is right back on the Volbeat style train.

If Western went metal, this is it, with “Lola Montez,” “Black Bart” and “Lonesome Rider,” featuring the beautiful vocals of Sarah Blackwood.

The Danish band’s Elvis influences shine on “Lonesome Rider” and the guitar riffs on “The Sinner is You” are flawless, as are Poulsen’s vocals.

There are breaks from the metal, like on “The Sinner is You” but this is a great metal band that Copenhangen should proudly tout as its own.

“Doc Holliday” and “Our Loved Ones” close what some would call the psychobilly section of the record. I call it Wild West Metal.

Catch VB in the East, Louisville, Ky. on a loaded Louder Than Life two-day fest on Oct. 3-4.

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