MEMPHIS SHOW PPD: Get to Birmingham early for The Struts

First things first, the Memphis date has been postponed, so my first look at The Struts, opening for Foo Fighters, will have to wait until Thursday in Birmingham.

I’ve been trying to find the words to describe The Struts – but it sort of like Queen and The Strokes had four babies and the babies formed a band. That would be this band.

It has been three years since “Everybody Wants” was released and a new record is scheduled (possibly) for early 2018, frontman Luke Spiller recently told Billboard.

The UK foursome has produced some of the most dance-happy rock you haven’t heard. You have a chance Thursday in Birmingham, so take advantage of the opportunity.

They’ve played with the Stones and can boast Motley Crue among their fanbase. You’ll be in that mix too. So if you were planning just to get to BJCC in time for Foo Fighters Thursday, get there earlier and see these guys.

This is the latest single, but subscribe to their Vevo and familiarize yourself and sing along Thursday. “Could Have Been Me” may be my favorite track. It is below too.

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