Trivium album to get fans back on board?

Trivium;s new record, “The Sin And The Sentence” is scheduled for release Friday. If you’re a SXM Octane listener, you already know “The Heart From Your Hate,” but I’m anxious to see the rock world’s reaction to the whole album.

From Moshville: “There’s elements of every single album they’ve released present in this one and if anything, it might well be their best album to date.” 

I hope that’s the reaction in sales. But  I’m a Trivium guy. Like a lot of metal bands with a following, some jumped off ship when Trivium went away from their early stuff a little. Still don’t think Trivium gets the love it deserves from the metal community. Maybe this album will reset that course.

Here are some tour dates, all across the US and Canada.

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