In Macon? Pay your Allman respects at The Big House

MACON, Ga. – If you are traveling through Macon, Ga., or just want a reason to, here’s one – The Big House Museum.

Right off I-75, The Big House literally housed the Allman Brothers band and crew in the early 70s. They rehearsed there and wrote some of Southern Rock’s best lyrics. The home has been turned into an extensive Allman museum, with an absurd amount of memorabilia and exclusive items.

There are handwritten lyrics, instruments, clothes, concert posters, Duane’s bedroom, photos of the guys in the home …

A walking tour is laid out and you can easily spend three or four hours admiring and paying tribute to the band. Gregg and Duane Allman and Berry Oakley are all buried at Rose Hill, only a couple miles away.

It’s a must stop on the road of rock ‘

n’ roll.

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