Thank you, Chester Bennington …

Jamming Pandora at work today, my station was set to Marilyn Manson radio. Then I heard the news that Chester Bennington had committed suicide and I immediately switched to Linkin Park.

Chills ran up my arm hearing his vocals on “Papercut,” knowing we will never again get to hear his amazing vocals live, ever again.

Bennington reportedly hanged himself, as reports of depression came flowing through the internet. Bennington had all the talent in the world, all the money anyone could ask for, a new album, a new tour this summer and a rock ‘n’ roll life most musicians and singers only dream about.

My heart sank when I saw the headline across my laptop. I read it again to make sure I read it correctly the first time. Linkin Park has been a favorite since I heard the first note of “One Step Closer” off “Hybrid Theory.” The music has been a go-to in plenty of my own tough times.

Depression is too real and it doesn’t care if you are a rich rock star, a poor journalist or a tired retail worker. Prayers to Chester’s family. Crank his vocals out your window for tonight’s ride home.

Thank you Chester for your immeasurable contributions to rock ‘n’ roll. We are indebted.

Marilyn Manson announces North American tour

A release date for Marilyn Manson’s new album is still unannounced, but hopefully we will hear some of the new material on his newly announced North American tour. Sadly, Manson isn’t coming South for any dates but he is going northeast and west beginning Sept. 27 in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Marilyn Manson 2017 North American Tour Dates

Sept. 27 — Silver Spring, Md. @ The Fillmore Silver Spring
Sept. 29 — Pittsburgh, Penn. @ Stage AE
Sept. 30 — New York, N.Y. @ Hammerstein Ballroom
Oct. 02 — Boston, Mass. @ House of Blues – Boston
Oct. 03 — Huntington, N.Y. @ The Paramount
Oct. 05 — Toronto, Ontario @ Rebel
Oct. 08 — Columbus, Ohio @ Express Live!
Oct. 10 — Chicago, Ill. @ Riviera Theatre
Oct. 11 — Milwaukee, Wis. @ Eagles Ballroom
Oct. 17 — Tulsa, Okla. @ Brady Theater
Oct. 19 — Denver, Colo. @ Fillmore Auditorium
Oct. 20 — Salt Lake City, Utah @ The Complex
Oct. 23 — Oakland, Calif. @ Fox Theater
Oct. 27 — Las Vegas, Nev. @ House of Blues
Oct. 28 — Las Vegas, Nev. @ House of Blues

Here is a complete list of the dates from Loudwire.

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Austin Carlisle working on new music

If you haven’t been keeping up with former Of Mice and Men lead singer Austin Carlisle, his journey fighting Marfan Syndrome is well worth a back-read.

Carlisle was baptized a year ago, saying it took him “28 years to realize God’s work playing out in my life and that I had to get out of the middle of the road and fully follow Him.”

Five months later, he left the band and over the past months has kept fans in the loop on his rocky health battles.

If you’re not familiar with Marfan, this is a good place for an overview of the very serious disorder. 

As for Carlisle, we continue to pray for you, brother and look forward to the new music you teased us with in this tweet.

Open your metal eyes to September Sky

You’ve probably seen September Sky on Twitter and may know the Indianapolis metal band as much for spreading heavy metal news there as you do for their punishing sound.

Their sound is sort of like a lovechild of Pantera and Disturbed. The videos are as intense. Quality guitar solos fuel headbanging-a-plenty. Hopefully the guys will hit the road throughout the US sooner than later.

Here are a couple of videos to wet your taste buds. And if you’re not of the band’s 80K Twitter followers, they have found a niche by sharing as metal news I often find to be interesting reads.

Loudwire looks back on early Foo

Loudwire pondered 22 years back when Foo Fighters released its debut album. It’s worth the read, as Dave Grohl recalls his feeling away from music after the death of Kurt Cobain, before the former Nirvana drummer re-entrance to the genre.

How different would rock have been if Grohl has stayed holed away after the sudden demise of the world’s biggest rock outfit?

Here is the entire article. 

“Concrete and Gold” is scheduled for release on Sept. 15, a month before I plan to catch the guys in Memphis.

Get to Chicago for Open Air, and don’t miss Demon Hunter

You go to the beach every vacation. Time for a new adventure. July 14-16 is giving you a chance to have a way more rocking vacation. Headbanging > beach bumming.

You can go to the outskirts of Chicago for the three days and watch the amazing lineup for Open Air.

There is something for everyone, from Korn to Stone Sour to Avatar and Clutch. One of the bands you need to pay attention to if you’re not familiar with is Demon Hunter. The Seattle band is one of the purest metal bands on the planet.

Here is a video stream of the new album, “Outlive” from Solid State.

Image result

In Macon? Pay your Allman respects at The Big House

MACON, Ga. – If you are traveling through Macon, Ga., or just want a reason to, here’s one – The Big House Museum.

Right off I-75, The Big House literally housed the Allman Brothers band and crew in the early 70s. They rehearsed there and wrote some of Southern Rock’s best lyrics. The home has been turned into an extensive Allman museum, with an absurd amount of memorabilia and exclusive items.

There are handwritten lyrics, instruments, clothes, concert posters, Duane’s bedroom, photos of the guys in the home …

A walking tour is laid out and you can easily spend three or four hours admiring and paying tribute to the band. Gregg and Duane Allman and Berry Oakley are all buried at Rose Hill, only a couple miles away.

It’s a must stop on the road of rock ‘

n’ roll.