As We Ascend debuts a strong offering

Still a shame We As Human had to call it quits. The band name is gone but former members Jake Jones and Justin Forshaw have done their best to keep the rock going, just under a different name.

Jones and Forshaw teamed with Robert Venable to form As We Ascend. The Nashville-area band released “Farewell to Midnight” in March, a solid rock offering you need to pick up. The lyrics are unapologetically faith-laced and the guitars are as heavy as you loved from WAS. It features a couple of big rock name cameos.

“Hatchet” is up for interpretation but circles around breaking loose from someone who has “hands around my neck, you’re killing me.”

“Tell Me” is a rock radio single waiting to happen.

“When the Gun Goes” reminds me of early WAS and has a steady build into each chorus, a heavy vocal tip-toeing a hardcore line.

“End of Me” features Shinedown guitarist Zach Myers and has a very heavy RED-like chorus balanced with bouncy verses. Myers’s work is clear and a great addition to the album.

Heavy guitars are back to boss on “”Watch the World Burn” and “We Fight” and if there were ever a contemporary Christian song on a hard rock album, it’s “At My Door.” It sounds like the last song on an album (that’s a compliment) and features 3 Doors Down frontman Brad Arnold.

Keep up the with band and get a signed disc here from their site. Looking forward to a tour soon.

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