Fan weighing on Islander front man’s heart

BIRMINGHAM – Islander front man Mikey Carvajal hung around following an intense set Sunday at Zydeco, signing autographs and taking pictures. He does at every show.

But there is more to the rock fame and the music. Carvajal uses the stage to impact people musically. He uses his platform to impact people’s lives.

The night before at a show in Nashville, Carvajal didn’t get a chance to talk to a waiting fan. It weighed on him all the way to Birmingham.

“People usually come up and they want to talk about something going on in their life or something like that. It took me longer to get to this one dude than I wanted. I wanted to pray for him. It just took forever. He finally peaced out. That was on my heart all night,” Carvajal said.

The kid came up and said he wanted to talk about some stuff and Carvajal couldn’t fight through the crowd in time.

“That’s really been bugging me. I really wish he didn’t leave. I even dreamed about it. I just really want him to know wherever he’s at, I did pray for him last night. I’m sorry it took so long to get to him,” Carvajal said. “It just kind of broke my heart. I want to stick around at shows as long as I can and sometimes it takes a second to get to everybody.”

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