Steady growth for LA rockers Silver Snakes


Alex Estrada’s lyrics on Silver Snakes’ “Saboteur” is as deep as you can make it. The singer guitarist says ironically his songs often take on more meaning after he pens them.

While there is plenty to listen to and digest on the band’s February release,  Estrada makes no bones about his very specific plans for the Los Angeles foursome.

“I really want to do a double album at some point,” Estrada said before a show in Southaven, Miss., last month. “I’ve been trying to do that our last couple of records.”

Estrada laughs it off because management has yet to succumb.

But growth has been steady for the band, just off tour with Korn and Breaking Benjamin. It was a year ago they started a tour with Coheed and Cambria – 2,000 and 3,000 people a night. Right after, the band did a full US tour with Coheed and Glassjaw for 3,000-5,000 a night. After that, the Snakes toured with Bring Me The Horizon for 4,000-5,000.

Between then and now, there was a smaller club tour with Let Live. Estrada said it is in positive contrast to past tours that were few and far between.

“It’s cool to actually witness the progress,” he said. “In years prior, we didn’t tour enough to really keep that constant push going.”

Even as the growth began to get steady, even the band itself didn’t see the tour with Korn on the horizon. Silver Snakes has goals of mainstream success – and the music and liveshow to make that happen.

“We want to travel the world and keep releasing records,” Estrada said. “Every year-and-a-half or something I want to put out a good record and constantly grow. More than anything, I’d say that’s the goal, grow from record to record.”


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