Asking rock stars about Jesus: Silver Snakes’ Alex Estrada

Spen Alex Estrada.JPG

(Spencer and Silver Snakes’ singer/guitarist Alex Estrada talking Pokemon before a show in Southaven, Miss.)

It is always fun when rockers open up about their thoughts on Jesus. I asked Silver Snakes singer/guitarist Alex Estrada who he says Jesus Christ is.

AE: “That’s a tough one for us. We don’t really touch on it in our music. We all had different upbringings. We all grew up in religious households. For the most part, we all have religious parents, especially me, Mexican, Los Angeles parents, Catholicism. It definitely hasn’t been a focus. I can’t speak for the other guys. I’ve considered myself agnostic for quite a while, in the terms that I believe in something. I just don’t put a face to it. Everything we do as people has to do with cause and effect. I feel like that transcends all boundaries in every religion. Be good to people, those are the principle factors. It is the foundation of everything, the golden rule.”

Had a great half-hour conversation with Estrada. Enlightening guy, very thoughtful and in charge of where Silver Snakes is headed. Big things ahead for the LA rockers. Please read all the posts below from our chat and give Alex and the guys a follow.

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