Silver Snakes keeping social with fans

Social media, sharing and streaming aren’t going away. As good as those things are, face-to-face still has its place.

Los Angeles-based rock band Silver Snakes recently got off the road with Korn’s Nocturnal Underground Tour. Every show, the did meet-and-greets with fans, fans who bought traditional CDs and fans who did so after the show – on their iPhones.

Staying in touch with fans is more important than ever with the way technology has bridged gaps.

“It’s very important, especially in the modern age of music. Spotify and streaming services and all that, it’s going to keep moving in that direction,” Silver Snakes singer/guitarist  Alex Estrada said.

There is no MTV to promote new music anymore, so fans seek out music in other ways.

“It is very important for us to stay active with things like Instagram and Twitter, Facebook,” Estrada said.

Fans used to buy discs at shows and even with the popularity return of vinyl, albums are bought on iTunes these days.

Face-to-face with fans at shows still happens, but face-to-face online is universal. Either way, the goal is the same for Silver Snakes.

“We want as many people to hear our new music as possible,” Estrada said, “whether they’re buying the record from us (on tour), picking it up online and listening to songs off YouTube. We still want to make a connection with those people.”

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