An inside look at Silver Snakes’ “Raindance”

SOUTHAVEN, Miss. – Silver Snakes opened Saturday’s Nocturnal Underground Tour with Korn, Breaking Benjamin and Motionless in White.

I had a chance to sit down outside Landers Center before the show with Snakes frontman Alex Estrada. I was interested in hearing his thoughts on “Raindance” off their “Saboteur” album. I saw some religious themes in the lyrics. Estrada said that wasn’t the intent but he shared the meaning of the song.

It is somewhat a continuation of “Sundance,” from the band’s previous album. That was about an abusive relationship, mental and physical and about how both are just as damaging.

“Raindance” basically is a flash forward,” Estrada said. “The tension reaches a breaking point. It doesn’t exactly have to represent those same characters from that previous song but I wrote it from that perspective because I felt like it’s another realistic thing that people go through in relationships.”

It is a song about confiding in someone and them not being there to in support, a song about checks and balances, whether involving a relationship with a loved one or work relationship.

The new album is interestingly based around a character that manipulates others. Estrada doesn’t see “Raindance” fitting that mold because it doesn’t really fit into the rest of the story.

“I feel like it’s actually the odd man out on the record,” he said. “But since the record is about sabotage, I feel like that’s something common in relationships. Sometimes people can be real mean spirited even though there’s love there.”

There is a lot of depth to the song. Check it out below.

Saturday was the band’s first time playing in Mississippi. If you’re in Memphis tonight, the guys are back nearby, playing The Buccaneer.

In the meantime, here is “Raindance.”And I have more to come from our conversation.

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