Loudwire’s review of “Cold World”

Of Mice & Men released “Cold World” earlier this month. I haven’t had a chance to listen all the way through yet, but this review from Chad Bowar is fantastic.

Glad to see some mainstream side of the guys.

Here is a link to Chad’s review. And here is a  link to a rockfeed.net story on frontman Austin Carlile being baptized and announcing his newfound Christian faith. Proud of his stand and hope to catch up with the guys when they get back to the states.

Image result for austin carlile baptized



That’s So Sick Fest next month

First time I’ve seen the flyer but I’m excited about this coming to Tupelo right before Halloween. Looks like a ton of hard rock fun on inside and outside stages.

Here is a link for tickets and below is the flyer for two days of heavy. Seeking Seven is on the bill among a long list of bands on the comeup, including Shallow Side and Roses Unread.

Here is an older track from Shallow Side. I suggest you check them out before the show. I’ve seen Seeking Seven live. Highly recommend.

And here is Seeking Seven’s lyric vid for “The Voice of No One.”