Korn “Rotting In Vain” video premiere

Korn has a new album scheduled for Oct. 21 on Roadrunner. The band just released the first single on its official YouTube channel.

The single has some Love & Death touches and its share of classic Jonathan Davis “Freak of a Leash” flashback vocals.

It’s tremendous and I expect the album to be. Here are the tour dates, with three I plan on attending.

You missed Lacey Sturm, more than you thought

Knew I missed hearing Lacey Sturm since her hiatus from Flyleaf, but didn’t realize how much I missed her until listening to her new record.

“Life Screams” picks up right where she left off, unmatched vocals with the perfect mix of rooted screams on 11 very intense songs.

The lyrics are deeply Christian. On “Soldier,” they include:

“The time will come
This war is won
Yeah I might die in a day
But I’m gonna die anyway
I’m gonna stand my ground
Even if they back down
‘Cause I don’t care what you say anymore
So what, you raise your voice
I’m screaming back my choice”