Heartist in Tupelo, then off with Islander



Heartist is touring its butt off and you should be paying attention.

The band will be in Tupelo next week at Publik House before hitting a stretch with Islander that includes shows in Atlanta, Biloxi and Nashville.

Hope to catch up with the guys next week in Mississippi.

For now, here is “Skeletons.”

“We Are the City” has released “Above Club!”

From Tooth & Nail:

we are the city.jpg

We Are The City has released their new album Above Club! Physical copies will be available in a few weeks. In support of Above Club, the band is in the midst of a month-long U.S. tour in support of Copeland and Eisley continuing through Dec. 6 in Orlando.

The band will then spend the start of 2016 playing across Europe with shows in Rome, Hamburg, London and Italy. A Canadian tour will soon be announced for early 2016.

Get Above Club on iTunes. 

RED live from Corinth, Miss.

Got to see RED for the first time. Actually went to a show at New Daisy in Memphis but my rock’n’ roll 5-year-old came down with some bad McNuggets and we puked more than rocked.

If that happened to you too, then here is a few minutes of bootlegging from Corinth, Miss.’ Crossroads Arena.

And North Mississippi continues to not support rock music. Your loss, amazing show.