Romantic Rebel relishes Louder Than Life stage

Spencer and me hanging backstage at Louder Than Life with Alex and Paige of Romantic Rebel.

Spencer and me hanging backstage at Louder Than Life with Alex and Paige of Romantic Rebel.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Romantic Rebel was more than happy to spend its early Saturday morning fighting for new fans among the varied multitudes of Louder Than Life masses.

The Chicago hard rock outfit took the stage pre-lunch Saturday – in muddy Champions Park – among a crowd of rock fans, NXT wrestling fans and surely some after the fest’s equally-advertised Gourmet Man Food.

“It was awesome. It blew us away honestly,” said guitarist Alex Vincent. “We were kind of unsure, ‘no one knows who we are, well a couple people do,’ what’s it going to be like? And we were blown away.”

Indeed in the mush, some RR shirts and singing along.

“It’s crazy. It’s pretty surreal,” said KT Paige, RR lead singer. “It’s pretty darn crazy to see people singing along.”

Surreal to the three-year-old band too – their first time in Kentucky – was playing on a bill that included Sevendust, Rob Zombie, Bring Me The Horizon, Issues, Godsmack and fellow upstart Red Sun Rising.

“These are amazing opportunities to build a fanbase in an area, ” Vincent said, ” so many different bands, so many different genres. You get the chance to capture everyone’s crowd.”

Pick up the band’s debut album and grab some merch over at And watch the video interview below.

*This being a site focused a lot on bands with a Christian message, I asked Paige and Vincent related questions. 

TSR: On labeling some rock music as :Christian”

AV: “Everyone has the right to be what they want. If that’s what the band says they are, that’s cool. We like all music, so hopefully everyone else can look at it that way too.”

TSR: On more bands, like RED, professing Christianity

AV: Music’s music. We actuallY did some tour dates with RED and we’re not a Christian band. But the crowd liked it and we liked the crowd so it worked out. I don’t think it matters. Music is music.It speaks to everybody. Doesn’t matter if it’s Christian or you can’t understand the lyrics, it doesn’t matter. It’s all music.

TSR: Who is Jesus Christ?

AV: “He’s the man

KT: “He’s a superstar.”

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