VERIDIA glad to play eclectic Winter Jam

Deena Jakoub at VooDoo Fest. (

Deena Jakoub at VooDoo Fest. (


Winter Jam is the Internet of modern-day concerts, playing venues full of an eclectic group of ears. VERIDIA is a new beneficiary, the alternative/pop rock act on the final leg of the three-month tour.

“It’s been a really great experience and a really great way for exposure,” said vocalist Deena Jakoub, “especially with Skillet headlining.

Skillet is the closest to what VERIDIA does, a giant plus for the young band with the multitudes of Panheads at each show.

“A lot of them are getting to see what we do, but all together, it’s been really great to play with such an eclectic style of show,” Jakoub said.

The lineup includes rock act Family Force 5, too, but also contemporary acts Jeremy Camp, Francesca Battistelli and Newsong. Jakoub is a fan of power-vocalist Blanca. She says the variation hasn’t made for a tough crowd.

“They’re ready to jump up and down and scream and let it all out,” she said.

VERIDIA released their “Inseparable” EP in Feb. 2014 and have opened for Red and Demon Hunter. Jakoub is proud to be one of the latest in a rock scene full of female-fronted bands – Lzzy Hale (Halestorm); Maria Brink (In This Moment); Kristen May (Flyleaf) to name a few. Guitarist Korey Cooper and drummer Jen Ledger are prominently featured in Skillet.

“It’s really refreshing. I’m an only child and I kind of guess I always wanted a bunch of brothers and it sort of ended up like that,” Jakoub said, “traveling with a bunch of dudes. It’s always a good time.”

Brandon Brown (guitar), Kyle Levy (drums) and Trevor Hinesley (guitar) round out the foursome.

Winter Jam isn’t the only melting pot VERIDA is involved in. Jakoub and Brown moved to Nashville from Dallas, where Levy and Hinesley joined the current lineup.

“You really only hear more about the country side of things, because that’s what it was,” Jakoub says of Nashville. “It probably will always be a country town, but all around the city, there’s so many amazing acts that perform every weekend, that you really don’t ever get tired of it.”

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