Disciple’s Attack: Another modern rock masterpiece


There are two lines in the opening song on Disciple’s newly-released Attack that tell the record’s story.

I’ve been radically loved, radically changed. By His grace, I have been radically saved.”


Never ashamed of the name of Jesus.”

Well, that and it’s one of the best rock records you’ll buy this year.

With yet another just solid, modern rock record – the band’s 10th – Disciple is back with a new lineup and even more gospel fire.

Kevin Young remains the genre’s most underrated vocalist. He is joined now by Josiah Prince (Philmont) and Andrew Stanton (I Am Empire) on guitars, Jason Wilkes (High Flight Society) on bass and vocals and Joey West (After Edmund) on drums.

The band is independent for the first time since 2003 and Young said he wanted to make a bold record. They did. The result is yet another modern rock masterpiece.

“Radical,” “Attack” and “Dead Militia” perfectly open the disc with clean rock n’ roll chorus. “Scarlet” and “Unbroken” give you a breather, but  “In the Name” is a grungy hymn anthem and just another chance for Young to unapologetically profess Jesus.

It’s what the band does and does so eloquently on the new release with heavy drums, classic Disciple guitar and classic Young vocals.

Five of the last six tracks are non-stop and catchy, before “The Right Time” slows it down to close. But unlike a lot of bands with a Christian message can’t capture, Disciple’s thoughtful message comes through as well in their change-up as it does in the angst-driven guitars.

Disciple has one of the boldest messages on and off stage and again have an unheralded bold album.


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