Miss May I Not Slowing Down

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MEMPHIS – Miss May I’s road keep getting busier. A busy summer that included Mayhem Fest hasn’t slowed now that the calendar has turned to Fall.

Rise of the Lion has been our since April and it got a push from MMI playing Mayhem Fest, which also gave the band a push.

“We haven’t had one bad show on this tour,” singer Levi Benton said from the Memphis stop.

They’ve headlined and supported Warped Tour, so Mayhem was full on heavy music, earning the band new fans. They’re playing Louder Than Life in Louisville, a 4:15 set time on Oct. 4. After three following shows with Affiance, MMI plays Knotfest on Oct. 25.

The guys toured the world with their last record, so they’re rounding the state’s this time.

Benton said Mayhem made him a fan of a band, as well, Avenged Sevenfold.

“I never liked them until I saw them live and they’re amazing,” he said.

If you’re lucky enough to catch the band live, don’t hesitate to move where the metal takes you. Benton says no matter the crowd size, it can be a party. But it takes the crowd and the band to make it happen.

“That’s my favorite part of the day,” he said. “It’s sort of half-and-half. When they go crazy, it’s sort of like you feed off of it. Even if there’s 10 people going crazy, that’s enough. We’ve played many times in amphitheaters when it’s only seats. And we’re a metal band and it’s horrible because nobody can do anything.”

Q&A with Levi

Benton is a Christian in the metal scene. These days, that’s less of a concern among rock fans just craving good metal, but the term “Christian rock” is still an interesting label topic.

TSR: Why is rock scrutinized with the label?

LB: Benton believes it’s because singing is such a big part of the church.

“I think it’s like a part of worship. I think that’s why it always gets brought up. When you get to church, it’s the first thing you do, sing praise and everything. Music is the same thing, it’s just on a recording. So I just feel like people associate those hand-in-hand.”

TSR: Who have you been impressed with at Mayhem?

LB: “King 810. Very dark, but very heartfelt, I guess. They’re the real deal.”

TSR: What do you do in your rare spare time?

LB: “I love baseball. Love the Reds. I’ve got the app. I never get to watch games, but I see them get hurt all the time. We’re losing all our good players this year. That’s what I do when I go home, go to Reds games all the time. It’s my favorite thing.”


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