We As Human: Short set, strong set


MEMPHIS – Been a fan of We As Human since 2009 when I first heard “Fly.” In 2011, I aimed to see them at Winter Jam and unaware they were a warmup band, missed the set.

Finally over the weekend in Memphis, got my chance. And it was disappointing. We As Human isn’t a very good fit for the opening spot they had on Summer Shed Tour. They would have been a way better fit for the closing act, headliners.

I get Summer Shed. Outside of Skillet and WAH, it’s more of a youth conference lineup, pop acts and old white guy rap. Don’t get me wrong, if that’s your thing, great. Nothing wrong with that, it’s just not mine and it doesn’t do WAH justice. Skillet works fine in the spot before closer TobyMac. John, Jen, Korey and Seth are tenured. But WAH is still proving itself and a three-song set is too short, for both already fans like me and for people who might become fans.

Frankly though, Summer Shed isn’t a WAH crowd, nor is Winter Jam. Rock on the Range, yes. Downtown Memphis club, yes. A billing with Love & Death and Korn, yes.

That said, “Strike Back,” “Dead Man” and “Take the Bullets Away” were killer and left me wanting more of what is a great live band. That crowd was a pop crowd and that’s OK. But WAH is a rock band, not a youth conference rock band either. While Lecrae and TobyMac have their audience and their non-Christians to reach in that crowd, WAH has an audience far-more heavy, far-more tattooed and far-more interested in metal that they will share their Jesus-heavy lyrics with.

They’re proving that metal and it’s starting to pay off in some headlining gigs, gigs with crowds who appreciate a great rock band when they see one. And that’s exactly what you’ll see. Get the album, worth way more than you’ll pay. Go get the EP. Go get “Fly.” And go to WeAsHuman.com and catch a show.


1 thought on “We As Human: Short set, strong set

  1. Well said! Saw them on the same tour in St Louis and was very very disappointed that they got such a short set. That said it they were awesome and left me wanting to see much much more of them.

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