review: Stapp’s new record is worth something

Scott Stapp - Proof of Life cover art@brandonspeck

Scott Stapp, I know, I know. Make all the fun you want. Dude carved his place in rock history. Creed was awesome, even for you who throw them into the Vanilla Ice, Crash Test Dummies, bands-you’ll-never-admit-to-listening-to category.

I just got my hands on a free copy of his new solo record, “Proof of Life.” Like you, I refused to buy it with my own money, but it’s not bad.

The title track is hard-hitting, classic Stapp vocals. Those vocals aren’t to be mistaken and they’re good on “Slow Suicide.” There are slower songs, “Only One” and “New Day Coming” that I’m not crazy about. “Crash” is about getting too high and crashing, but it doesn’t have the same effect as old schoolers, “One,” “My Own Prison” and “With Arms Wide Open.”

It’s Stapp’s second solo record and while it’s not 11-times platinum “Weathered,” it’s worth some your money on iTunes. I wouldn’t buy the whole record, but if there are two to buy, download “Slow Suicide” and “Jesus Was a RockStar.”

The biggest question I have isn’t about the record. The second track, “Who Am I” has da**it in the chorus, yet Lifeway still carries the album. The retail giant wouldn’t carry the full version of POD’s “Murdered Love” because Sonny used an F-word for effect, though it was scratched out. Maybe I’ll inquire.

In the meantime, buy a couple tracks. You won’t lose any dignity, I promise.

2014 Proof of Life Tour Dates
6/13/14 – Winston Salem, NC – Ziggy’s
6/14/14 – Wilmington, NC – Ziggy’s by the Sea
6/16/14 – Newton, NJ – Newton Theatre
6/17/14 – Washington, DC – The Howard Theatre
6/19/14 – Verona, NY – The Turning Stone Resort Casino
6/20/14 – Lancaster, PA – Chameleon Club
6/21/14 – Patchogue, NY – The Emporium
6/24/14 – Pittsburgh, PA – Latitude Live
6/25/14 – Poughkeepsie, NY – The Chance
6/27/14 – Niagara Falls, NY – The Bear’s Den at Seneca Niagara Casino
6/28/14 – Flint, MI – The Machine Shop
7/1/14 – Springfield, MO – Gillioz Theatre
7/2/14 – Fort Smith, AR – Neumeier’s Rib Room & Beer Garden

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