review: TFK’s End is Where We Begin


The end may be where we begin, but the beginning of TFK’s “End Is Where We Begin is a riff-filled and catchy intro suited to open a set the right way. 

And following “Wr Are,” things rarely let up.

“Light Up The Sky” doesn’t, with Trevor McNevan’s under-appreciated hip-hopsy vocals that precede an ending that leaves you wanting more of the song. 

The title track’s opening riff is as clean as you’ll hear and “Let The Sparks Fly” borders on hardcore anthem, but fits in perfect modern rock form.

The disc will have you drumming to the riffs that are unmistakeable TFK and McNevan’s vocals are a perfect complement. 

“Wicked” combines all the above  with melodies that bounce off the speakers. 

“Be Somebody” lets the foot off the gas, but only briefly as a :48 second intro runs you right into violin and violent cords and more of patented Trevor.

“War of Change” pretends like it’s going to give you a break, before another catchy chorus and beat that will have my elderly Baptist brethren tapping even their feet. 

“Down” opens with McNevan’s best of the disc, a combo of the rap, rock vocal styles not many can pull off.

“All I Need To Know,” like “Be Somebody,”  does give your neck a break, but will have you singing along even if you didn’t want a break. 

“Kings and Queens” isn’t  all that heavy either, but like  “All I Need To Know,” has you hooked by the time the hook hits at 104.  

“So Far Gone” closes it out with an acoustic picking that the speakers are probably thankful for. The chorus may be the most powerful lyrics on the record. “I wanna be so far gone in you.”

Track 15’s “Outroduction” blockades back into the intro and makes you want it all over again.

15 tracks … 48 minutes … longest song is “So Far Gone” at 4:29 … Don’t buy this record. Buy the TFK catalog.

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