Spreading THE GREAT COMMISSION, tires or not

TGC vocalist Justin Signh takes photos with fans in Tupelo, Miss. last week. (brandon speck/thoushaltrock)

TGC vocalist Justin Signh takes photos with fans in Tupelo, Miss. last week. (brandon speck/thoushaltrock)


tupelo, miss – Touring isn’t always the rock lifestyle some may think. But if The Great Commission is going to do what their name entails, it’s how they have to do it. 

“The hardest part of touring is the lack of sleep,” vocalist Justin Signh said. “Your body gets used to running on four or five hours. Even tonight, we have like a 12-hour drive. We have a 3 (p.m.) check-in. So if we leave at 1 (a.m.), we’re making it just a couple hours before we literally have to be in the venue.”

Signh admits the hardships of the road, but wouldn’t trade the job. The long drives don’t prevent them from floating around post-show meeting fans and hearing stories.

The California hardcore band just finished the Scream The Prayer Tour and was in Tupelo, Miss., last week. A 12-hour drive to Richmond followed as the band was scheduled to meet up with Those Who Fear, continuing a tour with Nothing Til Blood.

“It’s been an awesome time,” said Signh, moments after the Tupelo show at Goodtime Charlies. “We just rocked tonight, a lot of cool kids, a lot of testimonies, so we’re just keeping on the road.”

TGC is getting a lot of mileage from a long list of solid singles off Heavy Worship: “When It Rains It Pours,” “Draw the Line” and “Weight of the World.”

Keeping on the road requires more than solid singles though. It requires tires, usually the same number of tires on either side of the van or trailer.

“Just be making sure to pray for us bands,” Signh said. “Sometimes vans break down or things go wrong. Things break. A couple weeks ago, our trailer tire just disappeared. It just flew off the van, went on its own way. Things come against us, but we’re always grateful to be on the road.”



MORE ON VIDEO: Watch TGC vocalist Justin Signh talk about his paying gig back home, how he and the band wound up in a Taylor Swift video and how much his faith means to him.

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