Llamas may lie in the future, but The Protest is focused on the Gospel


The Protest lead singer, Josh “Shred” Bramlett, has been in the rock game for nearly a decade. And he’s only 22. 

The band is gaining huge momentum and is as busy as ever, about to take their hard rock message on The Black Out Tour with The Letter Black and Spoken.

Until then, there is pre-production to be done on a new record. Bramlett hopes to be recording by Decemeber, working with Letter Black’s Mark Anthony – Anthony co-wrote on current album Game Changer.  

“It’s a huge honor and blessing for a guy who is so busy and popular in the Christian rock industry to take time out of his career to help us out,” said. Bramlett.

That record produced a song that has put The Protest in a lot of ears, “Throw the Roses.” “Pull Me Away” is the last single released off the current record. It was released with a live fan-shot video from the Rise Above Tour.

There is another tour, a headlining gig, scheduled for September, right after the Black Out Tour.

“We’re letting God steer this band,” Bramlett said. “It’s very surreal. I never thought in a million years when we started this band when I was like 13 or 14 we’d even go this far. God’s been so good. He’s kept the band together. He just keeps building us up. It’s nothing that we’ve done. It’s all God, brother, all of it. We’re just stoked.”

A statement on their Website (TheProtestRocks.com) clearly state’s the band’s mission. But while the goal to spread the Gospel is clear, it’s an organized approach. The Protest plays churches, but also a lot of bars.

“Our take on preaching the Gospel, it’s obviously what drives this band. I’ll say that til the day I die,” Bramlett said. “It’s why we do this. Our approach on stage is not to shove Christ down people’s throats. That doesn’t mean we dull down our message. I tell them the truth, that there’s a God that loves them more than anything. 

“Every guy on the stage, we sin every day. I screw up every day. We’re human. I let them know that this God that loves them so much has the keys to forgiveness and a life free of guilt and an awesome life.”

The band’s songs are targeted to people going through tough things, to relate with them and show them the hope of Jesus.

A confessing 80s metalhead, Bramlett says God snatched up his life and led him to start a music ministry at a young age. This is what it’s become. The five-piece also includes his brother, Jarob “Animal” Bramlett (drums, vocals), TJ “Texas Two Step” Colwell (guitar, vocals), Chase “Sludge” Reagan (bass, voclas) and Adam “Sarge” Sadler, who gave Josh Bramlett guitar lessons as a middle schooler, on lead guitar. 

“We say this all the time. We’re not holding anything back. We’ve got one life to live,” Josh Bramlett said. “There are people that need to hear God. Right now, this is where God wants us. Now, if God tells us to quit the band and start a llama farm, we will.”



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