Scream the Prayer: Your Memorial heats up Memphis

MEMPHIS – Blake Suddath was dripping with sweat and he wasn’t even on the stage. Your Memorial’s lead singer was putting away equipment with his band Monday outside Newby’s in Memphis.

The guys had stopped with the Scream the Prayer Tour, a tour combing through the South in the middle of a record-breaking heat wave.

“This tour has been a blessing, been much more than we expected, number-wise and not number-wise,” Suddath said, “getting to play for big crowds and getting to talk and pray with a lot of kids. It’s been absolutely awesome.”

The leader of the hardcore unit doesn’t shy away from his band’s sound and he doesn’t shy away from his band’s shared faith either.

Outspoken Christians, Suddath made sure the sweaty crowd knew it, sharing his message post-show, even with the mic off.

“That is the biggest part of my life. That is my life, forever. We absolutely are in love with Jesus and we just want to tell people about Him. That’s it,” Suddath smiled. “That is the most important thing in our lives and in our band. That’s the only reason we are a band.”

Your Memorial is readying for the release of their third record, Facedown’s “Redirect” on July 17. STP is keeping the guys busy on the road for now with early load-ins and late nights on the road. The tour, also featuring the likes of Emery and The Great Commission, runs through July 14.

If there is free time, Suddath and pals get in a round of disc golf and make plenty of Bible study time. Follow the guys on Twitter @YourMemorial.


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