From the archives: Hundredth 2010

MEMPHIS – The 31-date circus was between Tulsa and Louisville and had already lost Blessed By A Broken Heart to van troubles and showed up in Tennessee to a long-stretched line of hardcore-hungry fans at 3 p.m. at THAT Church.

“It’s been long, 12-hour days, really strenuous,” Hundredth lead singer Chadwick Johnson said of the tour, “but we’re hanging in there.”

The Myrtle Beach-band released “When Will We Surrender” on March 30 and has been on the front end of the heavy lineup, playing first, second and third on the package.

“You’re at the venue for 12 hours, so it’s mostly night driving,” Johnson said. “It’s been a rough tour compared to anything we’ve ever done, but it’s been good.”

Drummer Matt Koontz said the driving has been rough, going from places such as Pensacola to Houston in a 24-hour span for two shows.

“I think we’re getting kind of in the hang of it now,” Koontz said. “Some of the drives have been eight to 10 hours. There have been a few four-hour drives, which have been nice. We’re just tired all day, but we’re trying to get used to it.”

Getting used to it he said requires some sleeping in the day and taking shifts of driving time.

The 10-band lineup anchored by hardcore bands also boasts different flavors. Southern rock-influenced metalcore Maylene and the Sons of Disaster and BBABH offer a change of pace. Johnson said it’s I the Breather making its first tour run that is taking full advantage as well.

“I the Breather is pretty sweet,” he said. “This is their first tour ever and they’re killing it. It’s really cool to see them. They’re really young and they’re really good.”

Blessed By A Broken Heart may be considered the odd-man-out on Scream The Prayer, but they were definitely out for the Memphis stop. The metalcore that some even call glamcore outfit broke down in Texas and couldn’t make it, but when there, it’s a break from the hardcore tour’s norm.

“There are a lot of genres on this tour, which is kinda weird sometimes,” Johnson said, “but it’s been good. (BBABH) play a Bon Jovi cover, so no matter what style of music you listen to, you love Bon Jovi, I feel like. “Living on a Prayer,” everybody wants to sing that. They’ve had good response.”


Nickelback isn’t playing STP 2010. (Hallelujah), but the vans and U-Hauls are rolling into the venues, not tour buses and Mercedes. Koontz said that is one of the most misunderstood parts of being on tour for most bands.

“Definitely, especially for the older generation,” he said. “You mention you play in a band and they think you make millions. We play for gas money and sometimes we don’t eat and if we do, it’s the dollar menu.”

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